Give Your Carpets The Cleaning Of Their Life!

Professional carpet cleaning every twelve months will help you to prolong the life of your carpet and to protect your investment.

On a daily basis, your carpet is subject to more wear and tear than any other item in your home and can affect its overall appearance more than any other item. Soil and grit walked into the home daily can quickly damage carpet fibers leading to premature wear.

Using specialist equipment and expertise to remove not only the dirt but, shampoo residue and water from your carpet, so that your carpets stay cleaner for longer. Unlike professional carpet cleaning, most rented carpet cleaning equipment leave carpets wet with detergent residue.

We have a range of carpet cleaning systems to accommodate every situation and price.

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AVS Cleans Commercial carpet cleaning in Morpeth

The Benefits of Inviting Surroundings Cleaning to Clean Your Carpets

Cleaner For Longer

Healthier Environment

Save You Money

Peace of Mind

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What Do We Guarantee When You Invite Us To Clean Your Home?

We aim to give every one of our customers an exceptional experience. Once we’re done you’ll be blown away by your new-looking floor.

If you choose Surroundings Cleaning to revitalise your carpets, we guarantee to:

  • Leave you with a floor you’re proud of
  • Be thorough and professional
  • Make sure you are 100% satisfied before we leave your home
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What Intensive Cleaning Method Do we Carry Out to Make Your Carpets Beautifully Clean?

We have a 7 point checklist for every job:

  1. Inspection. Pre inspect carpet fibre staining and level of soiling.
  2. Vacuum. A thorough hoover North, East, South and West to remove as much dry soiling as possible.
  3. Pre-Spray. We choose the safest chemicals capable of completing the job. Most of the pre-sprays we use on a domestic job are pet and child-friendly there is the odd exception where a stronger pre-spray is used; if we do this we’ll speak to you first and explain our reasoning for it.
  4. Agitation. We agitate the pre-spray to break down any stubborn marks in the carpet.
  5. Steam Cleaning. A clean and rinse using a hot water extraction is used at this stage using state of the art machinery.
  6. Double Check. We check and treat any remaining stubborn stains.
  7. Post Cleaning. All furniture is placed in its original position. We then use our professional dryers to speed up the drying process.

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Areas That We Offer Our Expert Cleaning Services

AVS clean throughout Northumberland & Tyneside, including:

Whitley Bay, Tynemouth, Ponteland, Morpeth, Cramlington, Amble, Seahouses, Alnmoth and Alnwick

Can’t see your hometown? Give us a call, we might cover your area or know a trusted cleaning expert that does.

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